Detecting Abnormal Cells That Cause Cervical Cancer

Regular checks can detect abnormalities in cervical cells that have the potential to develop into cancer. Cervical cancer is a type of cancer in women that can be prevented by routine checks. The development of cervical cancer that starts from abnormal cells is a process that generally occurs without any symptoms. Most cases of cervical cancer only cause symptoms if the cancer has reached an advanced developmental stage. Therefore, the purpose of routine checks is to "catch" abnormal cells that have the potential to become cancerous or cervical cancer at an early stage. Abnormal Pap Smear Results Pap smear or liquid based cytology (LBC) is the most effective test for detecting cervical cancer. This test is recommended to be done once every three years for women aged 25-49 years and once every five years for women aged 50 years and over. Generally about 90% of the results of pap smears performed on women show normal results. Some other abnormal results related to change…
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